About Miho

Miho Watanabe

e-amil: miho@miho.com.au


Group exhibition:

Nov 2013 “Continuum” COFA Space Sydney

March 2013 “Mixed Media Moments Group Exhibition”  Art Moment Gallery, Bondi, Australia

Nov 2012 “Tomorrow, Today” COFA Honours final show, Sydney

May 2012 “Half Way Mark” BFA Honours Mid Year Exhibition, Sydney

Aug 2007 Art of wedding photos “New begining” La-vie Osaka

Feb 2006 La-vie photographic exhibition “Chasing the ,Shadow” La-vie Tokyo

Solo exhibition:

Aug 1995 Solo Exhibition “Safe sex” at 8OZ Gallery space in Osaka Japan

April 1992 Solo Exhibition “Girl in the other world” at 8OZ Gallery space in Osaka Japan

Selected Exhibition:

Oct 2012 Kudos award, arc, cofa

Oct 2011 Paddington Art Prize at Menzies Art Brands Gallery, Sydney

2005 Hard Copy Digital Art, “Day Dreaming”, Victoria

2007 The Churchie emerging art, “ The girls with angel wings”, Queensland


Sep 2013, 10 days climate change, New York

Sep 2013, “Beams Festival” Missing PetBottle Project Chippendale, Sydney

July 2013, “Intra-action” MOP Gallery, Sydney

Sep 2012, Beams Festival, PetBottle Project, Chippendale, Sydney

24th of November 2011, The Tree Veneration Society “Canopy”  Collaborative installations on childcare centre’s trees in Chippendale, Sydney

Artist group:

2011, Member, Environmental art group “Tree veneration Society”  http://treevenerationsociety.com

Grants: 2011, “Tree Veneration Society” received “Local Action Plans Matching Grants” by City of Sydney

Scholarship 2013, “Australian Postgraduate Award”

Collections: Private collections

Academic History:

2013- COFA (Collage of Fine Arts) UNSW (University of New South Weals)  MFA (Master by Research), Sydney Australia

2009 – 2012 COFA (Collage of Fine Arts) UNSW (University of New South Weals)  BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) First Class Honours, Sydney Australia

2007 – 2008 TAFE Meadowbank Certificate IIII in “Fine Art” Sydney NSW

Professional photographer since 1996 for editorial and commercial. www.miho.com.au


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